Megawatt – Leading Solar 
System Manufacturer

Megawatt is a leading manufacturer of solar generators, solar inverters and energy storage batteries. Megawatt is also a global supplier of comprehensive residential and business solar solutions.

We are dedicated in providing energy solutions which are clean, safe, affordable, accessible, reliable, custom-fit and available on demand to global users, especially residential communities with no access to electricity and isolated or unreliable grids, or with high household electricity prices worldwide, empowering them with cost-effective, high quality power generated products and services, helping them have access to clean and convenient energy.

Powerease provide stable power to DC electronic loads in area without utility power.                                                                                                                    

Powerever is a rechargeable battery-powered generator that keep your gear charged up and ready whenever and wherever.                            

Powersun provide stand-alone solar solutions which deliver reliable power supply even without a utility grid.                                             

Powermega Wall-Mounted Energy Storage Battery is an easily expandable lithium-ion battery storage system for residential or commercial use.        

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