Megawatt is a power system manufacturer, global clean energy solutions provider
We Power Safely, Reliably and Affordably

Megawatt is a power system manufacturer and an new energy solution provider founded in 2015 with the purpose of providing economically attractive and sustainable solar power, energy storage products and service solutions. Megawatt is dedicated in providing energy solutions which are clean, safe, affordable, accessible, reliable, custom-fit and available on demand to global users, especially residential communities with no access to electricity and isolated or unreliable grids, or with high household electricity prices worldwide, empowering them with cost-effective, high quality power generated products and services, helping them have access to clean and convenient energy.


We deliver advanced and practical new energy solutions to create flexible and cost-effective power systems for different application scenarios, including solar panels, solar inverters, power stations, battery storage, solar lights for commercial and residential sectors across the globe.

Outstanding manufacturing processes meet the rigorous standards on the market. Each product is made with care, using quality materials and lying the skills of experienced professionals. Every item is verified at each stage and tested to ensure only qualified products will pass through. This refined manufacturing process enable us to guarantee the best possible quality. With a manufacturing capacity of 2000 power station and 2000 solar inverters per day, Megawatt demonstrates its high performance.


Drives Quality, Reliability and Consistency Through:

Our Mission

We bring reliable, sustainable clean energy to everyone in the world, and make clean energy more accessible and affordable.

Our Vision

To be a leading renewable electricity energy solution provider in the new energy industry.

Our Values

Market Orientation

Focus on generating superior value for customers

Customer-Centric Approach

Think from a customer’s perspective  about how we can meet their needs in products and services


Providing economically attractive and sustainable solutions of generating power and storing renewable energy


Integrity is the foundation of everything we do. We are ethical, open, honest and authentic

Continuous Improvement

Ongoing improvement in technology, production, processes, products and services

Valuing People

Valuing the importance of the individual